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Adrian Jones - Documentary Photographer
Born.1977. London. United Kingdom.

Adrian Jones, currently based between Cape Town (South Africa) and New York (U.S.A.), spent his growing years scattered across North London and Hertfordshire. After graduating from Bournemouth Arts Institute in 1999 with Diplomas in both film and photography he started out as a studio hand tending to the needs of the London car photography studios.

It was not until 2002 that Jones embarked on his exploration and obsession with photographing the uneventful moments which encompass everyday life. He has spent a decade peering through windows, wandering suspiciously down supermarket aisles, posing as just another one of us while yielding a small unassuming camera.

The task of capturing 'the moment' where no obvious stage is set and narrative is limited, requires a unique passion for the black matter that binds together the more memorable events of our life. These, the non events, do in fact count for the best part of our life story. What we do, tire of and enjoy, everyday, should not be dismissed as irrelevant, for it will soon leave us for tomorrow leaving no trace of yesterday.

This is one photographer who is certainly more intrigued by documenting what is happening while the spectacle of war, poverty and disaster takes place elsewhere in the world today.